Mission & Purpose

Education & employment, a two-fold goal

Mission & Purpose of SFS
Why SFS was set up-its mission Sebiz Finishing School or SFS as it is popularly called, originated as the answer to a problem –the lack of quality manpower that was leading to a hiring crunch. The parent company Sebiz was growing 30% year on year but the lack of human resource availability raised serious questions about future growth. That’s when SFS was created, its mission being to train and polish fresh IT graduates and arm them with knowledge of current technologies and soft skills so they could be immediately employable.
The purpose of SFS is to deal with existing manpower problems in the IT industry and create a pool of industry-ready, employable professionals thus increasing employment levels in the region.

How SFS has resolved 7 issues

  • Gap between skills required and skills available
    Colleges in the area are still teaching old technologies when the needs of the industry are completely different. At SFS, fresh ITgraduates learn the most current technologies and curricula, work on live projects and become highly employable. In fact our students usually get excellent placements.

  • Mismatch of old, outmoded curriculum and ever changing corporate requirements
    Our curricula in different technologies is framed only after extensive research so it embodies what is actually required in the real world. Theory classes are balanced with generous amounts of lab work and work on live projects to make our students a perfect fit in present day IT companies.

  • Reviving the Technical Education Policy of Punjab
    The proposed Technical Education Policy of the Punjab encourages industry partnering with educational institutions to produce trained, industry-ready manpower with a view to increasing employment. The SFS Centers of Excellence Program partners with local colleges in the region and runs classes on the college campuses themselves. This makes our high quality training accessible to larger numbers of students.

  • Huge investment is required in training of IT resources before they become employable
    Companies can now cut down on their enormous training budgets and save a great deal of money since SFS creates an immediately hirable pool of industry-ready graduates who can roll up their sleeves and work-right from Day One!

  • Outside resources are expensive and have high attrition rates
    Since companies can pick from the SFS trained talent pool, they can avoid hiring resources from outside the region who traditionally have high rates of attrition and are much more expensive. Operations can be smoother and more economical.

  • Communication skills among fresh IT graduates are low
    There is a notable lack of good finishing schools in the area and there is a crying need for IT people who can communicate well especially since 90% of clients are from outside the country. By imparting soft skills, etiquette training and real world experience we are creating a pool of IT graduates who can thrive in any corporate environment and communicate with clarity.

  • SFS was a gesture from the heart
    It was started by a group of people who strongly felt the need to give back to the local region and increase employment. Manipal Singh, our CEO has always had a love for the land and its people and SFS was his way of reaffirming his faith in the youth of the region and to provide them better employment opportunities.