Senior Management

Committed to the cause of education and employment

The single factor that is common to all senior SFS management is the passionate desire to see the youth of the region make a success of their lives. This is the reason why we reach out to more and more colleges in the region, introduce new courses and improve our Placements Program continuously. Our senior management has spent many years in the IT industry and are also actively involved in the running of Sebiz, our parent company.

Mr HS Dhariwal
Chairman, Board of Directors

Mr. Dhariwal has over 30 years of experience in managing global companies in various capacities. He has headed companies of multimillion dollar operations headed out of Africa, Asia and Europe. He has been the CEO and Managing Director of these companies, thus understanding and successfully managing companies with diverse products and markets. Mr Dhariwal brings with him a remarkable history and valuable experience. His vision continues to steer the company towards greater heights.

Manipal Dhariwal
Chief Executive Officer

Manipal is a first generation global serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of professional experience. He has consistently steered the company in new and profitable directions paving the way for stellar growth. Manipal feels strongly about promoting entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in the region. He has successfully mentored over 50 IT oriented startups in the last 10 years and made business investments of over 100 crores in the region, successfully creating over 1000 direct jobs and around 2000 indirect jobs. Besides being CEO of SFS, Manipal is also CEO of Netsmartz, a premier IT company in the region. He is also responsible for steering the SACC India Chapter as its serving President.

Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal
Chief Operating Officer

Sanjay oversees the entire functioning of SFS and amazingly has every detail at his fingertips! He is BTech in Computer Science from Delhi University. Starting his career as a developer, Sanjay has risen through the Sebiz ranks with meteoric speed attesting to his go-getter spirit and sharp intelligence. In fact Sanjay’s story could well be an inspiration to the many hopeful youngsters who enroll at SFS!