iPhone App Development Course

Why do the Course

  • Access in-depth, hands-on training for iPhone App Development Programming.
  • Learn from Apple certified/ RIM certified / Google certified Tutors with industry experience.
  • Get help from trained developers with years of experience in iOS SDK development whenever you face a coding issue or need to understand a concept better.
  • Test your applications on original iMac, iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices.
  • Become a full fledged iPhone app developer with the ability to build an iPhone app from scratch.
  • Expect attractive job offers to come pouring in!!

Soft skills training session in progress led by Ms. Ambika Patyal, a renowned corporate trainer.

FREE: Soft Skills Training with this course!

  • Training on soft skills, etiquette and effective communication.
  • Group Discussions, Psychometric Reasoning & Aptitude Test Preparation, Mock Interviews.
  • FREE Professional Resume and Professional Profile online.

Course Curriculum

  • How to create fully functional iOS apps
  • MVC Architecture, Tools used, Installation of MacOS, Installing Xcode
  • The Objective-C language,
  • Data Types and Operators and Program Usage
  • Functions, Arrays, Categories and Protocols
  • Classes in Objective-c, Interface and Implementation of the class
  • Data Encapsulation: Synthesize accessor Methods
  • Overview of Swift
  • Playgrounds, Working with Playgrounds with UIKit
  • Basic of Object Oriented Programming in Swift
  • How to use Interface Builder to design the app’s user interface and Xcode to add functionalities
  • The ios operating System and its architecture
  • Using AutoLayouts and StoryBoards
  • Tab Bar and Navigation Applications
  • Features like Multitasking, Stack View and iCloud
  • Database implementation in SQLite, Coredata
  • XML Programming/JSON and Web Services
  • Detecting Touch and Gestures Recognizers
  • Connection With Social Frameworks
  • Deployment
  • App Upload in iTunes
  • In-App Purchasing

Course Schedule

  • 1.5 Hours Theory + 1.5 Hours Practical and 1 Hour Soft Skills Session (Mon-Sat)
  • Duration: 6 Months

Course Certification

  • 6 Months Training + Project Certificate By Sebiz
  • SmartPhones Experience Certificate by Sebiz
  • Placement Opportunity with Sebiz: We will hire you if you are an outstanding student!