We have placed over 5000 SFS alumni in rewarding careers

SFS has always backed student’s interests to the hilt. Coupled with a strong desire to increase employment levels and give back to the region, we at SFS thought placement assistance for our students was a logical step. SFS is a professionally run finishing school. . It’s Industrial Training courses offer 6 Months Industrial Training, 6 weeks Industrial (Summer) Training and the Center of Excellence Program, which conducts training on college campuses. Our CSP (Core Skills, Soft Skills and Placements) Program has been quite successful- we have succeeded in placing over 5000 students since inception.

Our training methodology makes it easy to place our students

  • High quality training on
    the latest technologies

    We have a well-trained, bright pool of students, excellent, experienced faculty with professional certifications and updated curricula for the technologies we teach namely iPhone, Android, PHP, .Net and Java among others. The curriculum is drafted keeping in mind actual industry requirements.

    6 Months Industrial Training
    6 Weeks Industrial Training

  • Emphasis on practical
    Lab work

    At SFS we focus a lot on practical work; students have daily hours of Lab time and work on live projects as well. They also have access to senior developers where they can get their doubts cleared. Exposure to live projects and a real world work environment provides for an effortless transition into working life -they become completely ‘industry ready’.

  • Soft skills, communication
    and etiquette

    Too often a candidate may be technically qualified but cannot communicate well. We train our students in soft skills intensively. Group discussions, mock interviews, psychometric reasoning and aptitude tests and workshops are some of the ways we use to train our students to be better communicators.

  • Leveraging a wide
    network of companies

    SFS has good relations with a wide network of IT companies. We are collaborating with TiE in some initiatives and have contacts throughout the industry. Our Placement Cell regularly discusses and keeps a record of vacant positions in IT companies in the area. We consistently send out resumes where we think there is a logical fit.

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  • SFS alumni – successful trailblazers!

    Students from SFS have been placed in many companies throughout the region. Many of our early alumni are in mid-senior level positions in companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant etc. Training at SFS provides students with technical skills, communication skills and an analytical mindset to identify and resolve issues.

  • The Vivanta initiative for
    mobile app development

    We have started a unique training program- Vivanta that aims to create skilled Mobile Application Developers ready to take their place in the professional world. The program is an opportunity to study & work on multi-platform mobile application and SDKs including iOS/iPhone/iPad and Android. It covers every facet of app development and deployment.

If you are interested in hiring our students, please get in touch with
Ms. Ambika Patyal at +91-9256971429
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